A Thank You Message From Chad

I started this campaign in January of 2018 with a few simple motivating notions and a naive misunderstanding of what I was getting myself into. I figured that 2018 was going to be too important to leave any race anywhere uncontested. The idea was that running someone everywhere, even in the longer shot races, was critical to making sure we were doing everything we could to help the nation course correct after 2016—that even a losing campaign could help produce results in overlapping and nearby districts.  Additionally, I saw that the Democratic party had let itself become structurally weakened to the point of borderline irrelevancy all throughout rural America and it needed new people to invest time and energy in the process of rebuilding it. Furthermore, it was clear that the rural and small-town areas of upstate New York were in pain and had real issues stemming from decades of political neglect that needed to be highlighted. So, I figured someone had to run for the 101st and this time, it might as well be me.
At the time, I never imagined the scope of the life-changing adventure upon which I was embarking. I feel grateful beyond measure for the help and support we received during this campaign. With the hard work, donations, and love of hundreds of people from all over the country, we accomplished things in this campaign that were genuinely beyond comprehension to me at the start of this year. We highlighted regional issues and the ills of gerrymandering in the national news. We uncovered and exposed fraud and abuse in our political system. We had a direct boots-on-the-ground role in turning out voters who flipped two seats in the US Congress and two seats in the New York Senate—helping do our very real part to turn those chambers blue and get our country and our state back on track in the face of the greatest political crisis in decades. We also had thousands of human-to-human conversations with people all over the district that helped in many small ways to heal the toxic tribal divide being driven by a national political culture that uses fear of the other to exploit people for political power. While doing all this, we also put up the most spirited challenge the 101st has ever seen—and we had a lot of fun in the process.
I am also personally forever changed by this experience. I overcame a significant fear of public speaking, the culmination of which involved being on a stage in front of 1500 people. I had to learn to navigate between the need to rally people to a cause with my name plastered all over it (and my own literal theme song) and the psychological dangers of ego and self-aggrandizement.  I also was made to notice my own cultural and class biases, sometimes painfully, as I interacted with people from a very wide variety of socioeconomic circumstances. And I had some fantastic personal triumphs (publishing a piece in the New York Times, being interviewed by the BBC, getting made fun of by Samantha Bee) that are still making me smile at random times throughout the day.
I will be unpacking the events of this last year for a long time to come.  I feel like I am only beginning to appreciate the scope and meaning of the support and friendship and hard work that flowed into this endeavor. However, it is already clear, we accomplished something important and positive that will have lasting impacts on not just our politics, but on anyone who was part of it.
With Love and Profound Gratitude,


Chad McEvoy

We’ve been going old school on this campaign—working hard crisscrossing the district, knocking on doors, showing up at events, and talking to the voters. Now, we’ve got a campaign song to go with it! 

Warning, it will get stuck in your head. 

If you like the song please share it widely!

The song was written and recorded by the talented Matt Whyte of the band Rupe Shearns.  It was performed by Matt Whyte and Bruce Taylor.  

While you are listening, check out the campaign SoundCloud page to hear the radio interviews Chad has been doing recently. 

Let us know what you think and sign up to get involved at chad101.com!


Chad McEvoy
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Otsego County,NewYork—Sustainable Otsego offers a town hall in Cooperstown for state and local candidates Antonio Delgado, running for the 19th U.S. Congressional District, Joyce St. George, campaigning for the 51st NY State Senate District, and Chad McEvoy, standing for election to NY State Assembly District 101.

The town hall will be held on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 from 7–9 pm at Templeton Hall, 63 Pioneer Street, Cooperstown.The meeting is free and open to the public.

Candidates will make brief statements and take questions from the audience.The town hall is an opportunity to hear how candidates frame issues of importance to the region. During the two-hour town hall, voters will have an opportunity to question candidates directly on pertinent local, regional and national issues.

Sustainable Otsego is a social network based in Otsego County. SO supports sustainable economic activity, regional economic independence, and home rule. Founded in 2007, Sustainable Otsego is a local non-partisan political action committee.


Sustainable Otsego: www.facebook.com/SustainableOtsego

Antonio Delgado: www.delgadoforcongress.com

Joyce St. George: stgeorgeforsenate.com

Chad McEvoy: www.chad101.com


Help Chad Get on the Ballot

I still need your help to get on the ballot. We are a shoestring, grassroots, volunteer-run campaign, and there is a very real chance we won't be able to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot unless many more people step up to help. I am the only Democrat in this race. If I don't get enough signatures to get on the ballot the Republicans will get a free seat in the NY State Assembly.


If you are a registered Democrat who lives in or near the 101st (see the list of towns below) send us an email at campaign@chadmcevoy101.com and we will mail you one of these packets for free. They include a clipboard, petitions, a district map, flyers, a list of voters in your area, cards, stickers, instructions, and even a postage-paid envelope to return the sheets in.

Towns in the 101st include:

  • Oneida County: New Hartford, Paris
  • Herkimer County: Columbia, German Flatts, Litchfield, Little Falls, Warren, Winfield
  • Otsego County: Maryland, Middlefield, Springfield, Westford
  • Delaware County: Delhi, Hamden, Andes, Bovina, Davenport, Meredith
  • Ulster County: Denning, Shawangunk, Wawarsing, Hardenburgh
  • Sullivan County: Neversink
  • Orange County: Crawford, Montgomery

Email campaign@chadmcevoy101.com  or sign up at https://www.chadmcevoy101.com/volunteer-index-impact

Chad McEvoy
Chad McEvoy Running for New York Assembly in the 101st District

For Immediate Release: March 13, 2018
Contact: Jason Blaske, Campaign Manager - 617-953-9090

Chad McEvoy Running for New York Assembly in the 101st District

mcevoy headshot plaid new.png

WESTFORD, New York (March 13, 2018) – Local tech project manager and grassroots activist Chad McEvoy today announced his campaign as a Democrat for New York State Assembly in the 101st District, which includes portions of Delaware, Herkimer, Oneida, Orange, Otsego, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties. A 2017 candidate for the Otsego County Board and the current Westford representative to the Otsego County Democratic Committee, Chad brings new energy for upstate New York and will fight for the interests and perspectives of our rural communities within the legislative majority.

“We can do more for our area—focusing state resources on the needs of our communities—by working with, not against, the majority in Albany,” Chad explains. “I am running because we need someone working to advance individual liberties and freedom, promote sustainable economic growth, protect the environment and utilize intelligent, data-driven policies to improve our quality of life.”

McEvoy’s campaign will focus on key issues relating to the development of sustainable rural economic opportunities, the regional development of green energy, and improved access to broadband internet and rural cellular phone coverage. Chad, who lives with his wife Megan on 63 acres of farmland and woods, strongly believes economic and environmental concerns can be sensibly balanced to address the needs of rural areas.

“Chad is a successful and savvy businessman with the heart of a dedicated volunteer,” comments Nicole Dillingham, president of Otsego 2000. “He has strong financial technical skills and the vision to apply them to the needs of our district. Chad has worked with several nonprofits in the region where his leadership was critical to implementing financial controls and successfully supporting sustainable economic development. He is quick to see solutions where others see obstacles—an asset we need in Albany.”

Professionally, Chad recently managed the design and development of multimillion-dollar software projects funded by major national nonprofits and companies such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Google. He has also worked as an analyst and project manager for organizations such as the American Red Cross and Heifer International. Chad spent several years volunteering in Africa for USAID-funded projects building agriculture and livestock databases. In 2015 he was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama for work with Senegalese agricultural schools. Additionally, he received a master’s degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins University.

“I like to think of myself as a nerdy data and policy guy who also enjoys cutting his own firewood and spending as much time out on the land as possible,” Chad says. “I care about my community and I actually want to get things done.”

Additional issues championed by Chad include:

  • Creating opportunities for high-paying, long-term jobs by supporting innovative renewable energy initiatives like solar and wind energy—providing a future for our children while increasing our energy independence and reducing our carbon footprint

  • Exploring creative policy solutions that help keep our small-town general stores from disappearing, such as reducing tax and regulatory burdens for owner-operated small business and providing credits for stores that serve dual functions as community centers and hubs for the distribution of local agricultural products.

  • Improving New York State’s voter registration and ballot access measures with an eye on moving toward a statewide vote-by-mail program

  • Securing funding for rural animal shelters, which provide a much-needed public service while often operating with volunteers on a shoestring budget

  • Providing our regional facilities with much-needed resources to handle overdoses and opioid addiction with competence and humanity by treating drug addiction as a public health crisis and exploring avenues for funding that include requiring pharmaceutical companies to bear the expense

  • Supporting and promoting the New York State Health Plan

  • Protecting our waterways by incentivizing alternatives to single-use plastic products


You can learn more about Chad and get involved at: www.chadmcevoy101.com

Chad McEvoy